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LAWNA offers two types of membership, Full Members and Associate Members.

Full Members are members who may be individuals or organizational entities, who own real estate within the Lake Auburn Watershed (as defined by the City of Auburn Zoning Ordinance, Chapter 29, Article 5, Section 5.3) Full members shall be updated at least annually. Members who own real estate jointly with another/others shall, jointly, be considered one (1) member.  Similarly, a member who owns more than one (1) parcel of real estate, whether or not they are contiguous, shall be deemed a single member. For complete information on Full Members of LAWNA please see Article 2 section in the Bylaws. Membership may be renewed annually. Each Full Member who has paid all dues or fees shall be entitled to one (1) vote upon matters pertaining to the Corporation and upon which the members are entitled to vote.

Associate Members are members who are not Full Members, as defined by Section 2.3(1), and may be any individual with an interest in the purposes of the corporation. The annual fee for Associate Members is $25. To become an Associate Member, individuals contact the Board of Directors. Membership may be renewed annually. Associate Members may participate in meetings of the members, but are not entitled to vote. For complete information on Associate Members of LAWNA please see Article 2 section in the Bylaws.



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