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Some suggestions to help Lake Auburn watershed management & leaders of the L/A Community:

I. Stop the buying of watershed lands by the LAWPC, buy conservation easements instead.

II. Do not make the AWD By-Laws more restrictive or encourage new city ordinances unless data clearly shows the water quality is declining.

III. Determine what the most cost-effective way to meet the Safe Drinking Water Act. When getting a filtration estimate, do not include any line-item cost or burden that is not a mandatory requirement of this Act or by the State with full-filtration.

IV. Encourage new Commissioner’s to be appointed to LAWPC allowing for a broader interpretation on determining the best course of action for the rate-payers. Encourage LAWPC to meet a minimum of once a month.

V. Encourage the City of Auburn to act ASAP on Strategy A.1.2.c (Also Strategy A.1.4.c) in the Draft Comprehensive Plan.

VI. Deed to the State, public recreational easements on all major trails, on LAWPC lands.

VII. Find the money (LAWPC has it) to pay for the cost to open & maintain a seasonal swimming beach somewhere acceptable to water quality performance.

VIII. Allow abutting property owners to buy watershed lands with conservation & recreational easements attached so the City can restore its tax base.

IX. Promote watershed property owner assistance to encourage environmentally sound development.

X. Encourage & expand responsible recreation on the waters of this Great Pond.


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