Welcome to the Spring House Road Trail!

This trail connects the historic Lake Auburn Spring House (site) to the North Auburn Road & West Auburn Village via the original 1760 trail to the lake and a commissioned road in 1879. “Subject to a certain right-of-way heretofore granted by said Billings to Lucius Packard, and also to the right-of-way of the public to travel over all roads laid out upon the said premises.” Twenty-fifth day of October in the year one thousand eight hundred and ninety-three. Today it serves as a connect trail for regional recreation.

It is brought to you by:
The Lake Auburn Watershed Neighborhood Association (LAWNA)
The Perkins Ridge Sno-Travelers (PRST)
The Lake Auburn Watershed Protection Commission (LAWPC)
Bureau of Parks and Lands, ME Dept. of Conservation RTG#808

The general neighborhood is invited to use the trail. No motorized vehicles except for snowmobiles & authorized maintenance and police vehicles. Protection Commission and City rules apply. Hours of use are Sunrise to Sunset. Trail video cameras in use.

Members of the Public may use the trail and we encourage you to join a local community club or organization like the ones below!

Androscoggin Land Trust/LA Trails
Andy Valley Sno Gypsies and Perkin’s Ridge Sno-Travelers
Maine Snowmobile Association (MSA)
Lots to Gardens
Healthy Androscoggin
Local High School & College sport teams or clubs
West Auburn School Historical Society
Androscoggin Historical Society
Maine Cycling Club, Rainbow Bicycle
Oakwood Equestrian Center
Androscoggin Bassmasters, Optimist International
Auburn Land Lab
Maine Volunteer Lake Monitoring Program
Taylor Pond Association
Stanton Bird Club


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