From: Dan Bilodeau , President LAWNA
Date: Fri, Aug 31, 2012 at 10:10 AM
Subject: Current logging operation Lake Auburn

To: ecousens <>, "Stambach, Mark" <>

Cc: Sid Hazelton <>, Tizz Crowley <>, "Clark, Colin A" <>, "Lavoie, Art" <>,, "Black, William C" <>

Eric & Mark,

I wanted to clarify the laws and regulations governing the current logging operation below my property and forward a few concerns.

I have copied Sid and Tizz as well, as they both have a responsibility to this operation through the Auburn Water District as staff and trustee. I have also copied Mr. Colin (MDEP) and Mr. Lavoie (MFS) as they are reviewing a complaint from a similar operation that began in 2010. Also the association and other parties that may be concern.

I wanted to let Auburn know I received a letter, as an abutter, dated August 22, 2012 with excellent notification from the LAWPC to give the nearby property owners a heads-up. I have also recently biked the high-use trails that are so important for the recreational community. I want to commend and thank the operation for the notification and the foresight for keeping the trails clear and usable. I also wanted to offer alternate parking at 115 North Auburn Road as the trucks need to exit the north end where traditional parking is located. I wouldn't encourage use of these trails in the near term as the proximity to the operation is critically close.

My questions for the regulating authorities:

1. Who is responsible for insuring the 2-3 miles of new skidder trails (roads) be stabilized with BMP's to insure sediment does not leave the site before the next major rain event? The resultant landscape is soft loamy material rowed up as indicated in the attached photo. The many roads cross multiple seasonal water courses and two tributaries.

2. Can the neighborhood expect and is it required for these areas to be re-vegetated (hydro seeded or seed and mulched) when the operation concludes? Maine BMP's would certainly advise this.

3. Can I ask the City of Auburn (planning) to coordinate a followup inspection for this site as the current licensed forester for this operation has created, approved and is supervising this operation without verification of compliance from any other authority?

As you know Lake Auburn is the community water supply for tens of thousands and this much soil disturbance is not allowed under any circumstances anywhere within the Lake Auburn Watershed. In fact, the LAWPC, who owns this property, had recently issued a no-trespass order to an individual who was clearing mostly brush (without soil disturbance) in this exact area. Our concern as a neighborhood association is that there is a "double standard" that is being allowed because of political and regulating affiliations with the controversial Lake Auburn Watershed Protection Commission. Also, there is a water quality manager that would have a fit if this was any other land owner. Please prove me wrong!

Thank you ALL for your time in this matter.

Dan Bilodeau
Lake Auburn Watershed Neighborhood Association (LAWNA) far Friday (tomorrow) 30% chance of isolated thunderstorms and next week 10-20% chance of rain so the forecast is certainly not bleak but could become a factor.

current logging photo

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