Fuzzy Math & Water Quality Data

July 2010

To my city Council & members of the planning board & CPUC, & city staff:

Last night there were two figures presented that appear to be inaccurate as they are outdated.

The first is the quote from Mr Storer for the cost of filtration, the Sun Journal this morning reported he said $20 to $51 million in new costs.  These are outdated 2005 numbers from a company called CDM (Thomas R. Camp, Herman G. Dresser, and Jack E. McKee).

It is every one's intention to insure our source protection of Lake Auburn is a priority to insure the water at the intake remains excellent; with this said, our city can consider a ball park quote presented to Auburn PACE from Aqua America (Maine) which came in a month ago at 7 million, Auburn's share might be less than 3.5 million. Aqua America is a public company that Mr. Storer actually owns stock in and if you Google it, looks like a reputable company serving the needs of many here in our state and throughout the Country.

The second number that Mr. Storer presented, needing clarification, is what our drinking water costs.  He mentioned we were the second lowest in the state which is only correct if you believe in fuzzy math.

The water quality cost presented last night DOES NOT factor in the absolute cost(s) to the watershed protection program, a program that has been recently updated in a new watershed master plan.  This plan would have been ready last fall, but it had become curiously subject to the Comprehensive Update Plan schedule.  There are many recommendations in this new plan AND CURRENT PRACTICES that have an annual cost of zero, according to the LAWPC report.  Fuzzy Math.  Actually I would say an inappropriate UN-truth to the taxpayers & watershed property owners of this community.

Today, as we are one of only ten other communities forced to report raw water quality to state officials (who are regulating the Federal drinking water requirements) we have significant cost(s) that are not cost(s) in other municipalities who meet the Clean Water Act and are NOT on a waiver of filtration.  For example septic systems & Cat II land acquisitions.

Moving forward, Auburn can 1.  plan to keep their watershed regulations at bay, insuring all the conservation efforts over the past 100 years were a great investment. 2. PLAN for COST EFFECTIVE Filtration, get on the band wagon.  3. Let our people enjoy a wonderful resource located in our great City of Auburn.

If you look at the water quality data, there is no reason to use fuzzy math in supporting old technology.

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