This just dumped in the Lake Auburn watershed....

July 2010

Here's a picture worth looking at.......


250,000 lbs of fresh feces dumped just above my house from a local farmer, he's a good man doing his job..........he's been add it for decades with his family owned business......This is only one site of many in the watershed.......New Septic restrictions? No more RV's and hot dog stands?.....close the route 4 turnout? More cost to the private rate payers by additional restrictions?

Why don't we just take a deep breath and ask for the DATA that supports any change.....knee jerk reactions is senseless when cutting off the public (human) interaction with this Great Pond in Auburn. Will there be some special agency that will start shooting us humans like the gull management program?

Last year the fertilizer was dumped and then we had a three inch rain event. SHOW ME THE DATA from that test site just below my home that might give you the power to shut off farming from this region. Show me the Data why sailboats with bathrooms are outlawed and no moorings are permitted....Show me the Data why a property owner can't maintain a trail but ton's of forestry and vegetative destruction takes place every year by LAWPC forestry.

Filtration won't solve all the problems....BUT MOST OF THEM! And now it may be well below the NEW COST in our proposed watershed protection plan......

Life is funny though, Mr. Lamie had a job change this past year, he's working in the state Drinking Water Program.......he's responsible for dishing out the monies for communities needed water treatment enhancements......its like rain on your wedding day.

Dan Bilodeau

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