Looking Back

looking backThe Villages of North & West Auburn

From the authors:

"To the best of our knowledge this is the first published history of North & West Auburn. In the course of our research we have occasionally been confronted with differing accounts on a particular topic. We have made every effort to be as accurate as possible but in the end we realize that errors may exist. Sometimes it is difficult to separate urban legend from the truth. Some who read this book will have the benefit of having lived in the area of North & West Auburn for a lifetime and may have ancestors who also lived here. For you we hope this book will be a journey down memory lane."

"Your memories may differ from the ones recorded here. We have provided an end page in the book where you may record your own recollections. For others who may be newcomers to the area, we hope this book provides a glimpse into the past of a place that is very much changed today. Finally, we hope someone will be inspired to use this book as a beginning for researching and writing more about the history of North and West Auburn."

- Donna Barry, George Buker, Judy Holbrook, Methyl Park, and Beverly Spofford

Available through the lake association, or Beverly Spofford  207 966-3065, 490 Greenwood Mountain Rd, Hebron, ME 04238 bevspofford@yahoo.com


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