LAWNA Newsletter Summer/Fall 2010

WELCOME NEW LAWNA OFFICERS! We want to first thank out-going LAWNA officers Jeremy Gibbs & Deanne Rothwell for their help and support throughout the years! Please welcome watershed resident George Bussiere as our new secretary and Doug Stone, Lewiston resident and water-rate payer as our new treasurer!

• BIG NEWS…..advancements in water treatment technology is lowering the cost for this community to catch up with the rest of the Country with regard to meeting the Federal Clean Water Act. Once thought to be a 54 million dollar cost to provide FULL filtration is a much lower cost today, approximately 3 million for Auburn or 7 million for the community! The implementation of a micro-membrane filtration addition to the existing UV plant under construction will provide safer, cleaner & better tasting water to the community as well as extinguish the mandatory State raw-water quality reporting requirements necessary to meet the current waiver of filtration. There are only 16 water systems in all of New England who have yet to meet the desired requirements of the federal Law. Please follow this link to voice your support of a BETTER H2O for L/A….
•Sticks & Stones, wayside stand at 185 North Auburn Road announces the opening of a new (year-round) trail head parking area for watershed property owners & recreational enthusiasts! To get your FREE parking permit, Lake Auburn watershed property owners & their guests; Perkins Ridge Sno-Travelers members; LAWNA members; & L/A Trail members please visit Associate membership is available for $25.00/year for the general public or others looking for a SAFE, dawn to dusk (daylight) parking lot to access the miles of locally groomed and maintained trails, including thousands of acres of land owned by neighboring property owners. Country Way (the “original” Spring Road); the Spring House Road trail, the Whitman Spring Road (WSR) trail, former Land Lab Wellness Trails, and trails to Minot & beyond are all within playing distance from the new parking area at Sticks & Stones.

• Speaking of Trails, a big THANK YOU to the Auburn Police Department & dedicated citizens for cleaning up the inappropriate activity on the WSR trail and providing a safe recreational area for the many families and individuals who have weathered the storm!

• Watershed By-Laws…..Lake Auburn watershed rules and regulations, including the LAWPC By-laws have been a historical transformation in public use of Lake Auburn since the early 1900’s. Recent issues, concerns & activities have prompted LAWPC staff, wanting to clarify & amend these rules, but these efforts have been put on hold “status quo” because of recommendations and legal advice from their attorneys. PLEASE, if you have a question or concern what you can or shouldn’t be doing on the Lake or around the surrounding properties, contact a representative at the Auburn Water District or this lake association for clarification and/or more info. NOTE: Lake Auburn water quality HAS NOT BEEN DECLINING for a LONG TIME, at least since man was able to measure pollution. INAPPROPRIATE PUBLIC USE may be the greatest threat (besides the birds) to the community’s water systems in the foreseeable future. Please do your part to insure “public health concern(s)” do not trump Colonial rights established for Great Ponds for the citizens of Maine!!

• Vacant Land (no camps or houses) in the Lake Auburn Watershed Overlay District….. Remember, if you own a house lot or property and do not have or meet the rate-payer imposed (36 inches to restrictive soil) septic ordinance YOU QUALIFY FOR AN 80% to 90% REDUCTION in property taxes!! Please email with your Auburn parcel ID# to start the abatement process. April 1, 2011 is the next deadline.

• Official Meetings……LAWNA representatives have been in meetings with City of Lewiston administrators & Auburn Water District staff & Trustees to communicate a very FAIR and important message: ALL COST(S) to deliver water from the forest to the faucet should be accounted for. Leaders of this community need good data so they can determine how they should support efforts to provide cost-effective water to this community in the future.

• Finally, and on a terrific note, we would like to recognize watershed resident Mrs. Liane Bender for her outstanding volunteer service to this community as a Cancer Resource Specialist & Center Assistant for the Patrick Dempsey Center for Cancer Hope & Healing! Please take the time to visit their website at

Thank you for your continued interest in this organization!


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