Sticks & Stones Press Release

April 2008

The Lake Auburn Watershed Neighborhood Association (LAWNA) is pleased to report that Sunset Sticks n Stones, Inc., a wayside stand located at 185 North Auburn Road is planning an expansion for 2009-10.  In the interest of preservation, portions of the original 1798 hand-hewed West Auburn Farm barn will be moved from its present location to the site where the existing wayside stand (Ena's Garage) is currently operating.  In relocating this historical structure its use will be enhanced to include the present wayside stand uses as well as a tool & wood shed, garage for the LakePatrol boat and an observation platform/deck.

 Other uses will be in conjunction with the property such as the deeded recreational trail, land and farm conservation easements, snowmobile trail, limited hunting access, nature conservatory & wildlife habitat, watershed & forestry management programs, erosion control & BMP's, LakeSeptics, gardening, bird watching, hiking, biking, skiing, snowshoeing, trout fishing  and other trail, pond, and land related activities.  We encourage your club and/or organization to contact us to inquire on your opportunity to help steward what we are calling  Auburn's Land Share!   (




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